Residential Villa Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

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    Product details

    Luxurious European Style High Security Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock for Smart Home and Residential Villas

    Product Specifications



    Red Bronze、Green Bronze、Gold (Optional)






    6.5 kg


    Panel Material

    Zinc Alloy、Acrylic


    Lock Body Mortise

    304 Stainless Steel #6068 Mortise


    Fingerprint Sensor

    Biometric Semiconductor Module FPC


    Unlocking Mode

    Fingerprint、Password、RFID Card、Mechanical Key、Remote(Optional)


    User Register Capacity

    (300 Groups): Fingerprint 100、Password 100、RFID Card 100


    Identification Time



    False Rejection Rate



    False Acceptance Rate



    Door Thickness



    Operating Temperature



    Operating Humidity



    Power Supply Type

    4 AA Alkaline Battery


    Battery Life

    12 Months


    Low Power Alarm

    When Blow 4.8V(100 times at least)


    Emergency Power

    USB Charging Port









    1 Year

    Product Features and Details

    1. Multiple Unlocking Mode

    The smart door lock can be unlocked by fingerprint, password, RFID Card as well as mechanical keys.

    2. Biometric Semiconductor FPC Fingerprint Sensor

    3. English Operating System and Voice Prompts

    4. Anti-Peeping Virtual Password Technology

    5. With built-in doorbell and anti-theft beep alarm function.

    6. Touch screen keypad with sliding cover, you can see crystal clear numbers at night.

    7. Free-style Handle

    8. C-Level Lock Cylinder and Stainless Steel Lock Body Mortise

    9. Powered by 4pcs AA alkaline batteries, which can last for as long as 12 months.

    10. Low Power Alarm and USB Charging Port for Emergency Power Supply

    11. The Opening Direction of The Door

    A: Left Push     B: Right Push    

    C: Left Pull       D: Right Pull

    Delivery Method

    Our Advantages

    Competitive Price

    Large scale production and well trained workers reduce cost greatly. Moreover, in order to support our partners and clients a competitive price in their market, we are always offering the bottom price.

    Brand Effect

    We are a professional manufacturer focusing on producing Digital Smart Door Lock for 10+ years, Top 5 brand with ISO9001, CE, RoHS, FCC certificates.

    Short Delivery Time

    With sufficient production capacity and well trained workers as well as a professional PMC team preparing the materials and plan the production process in advance, we can control the production time properly and effectively.


    1. What is the payment method?

    For sample order we recommend PayPal or Western Union and for bulk OEM order we recommend using Bank Transfer (T/T).

    2. How long is the delivery time?

    It depends on the order quantity, shipping method and the location of your country. For bulk OEM order the production time is 7~10 working days. And the shipping time by airline is 3~7 days for most countries.

    3. How is Jieyaa smart door lock powered and how long will it last?

    Most of the smart door locks are powered by 4pcs AA Alkaline batteries and it will last for around 12 months.

    4. How do I know and what should I do when the battery for the smart lock is running out?

    Once the power voltage is lower than 4.8V, there will be a warning alarm every time when you unlock the smart lock(at least 100 times before running out). If the battery is already running out, you can either use the mechanical key or emergency power(use power bank to charge the USB port) mode to unlock the smart lock.

    Qualification and Certificate

    Factory Photos 

    Related News and Knowledge

    Which is the most reliable way to unlock intelligent door lock?

    Intelligent door lock, as its name implies, is to give intelligence to ordinary door lock, so that it can have more ways to unlock. However, in essence, the internal security device of intelligent door lock is still constructed by mechanical lock core. Unlike ordinary door lock, it is the authentication method of intelligent door lock. It is believed that everyone will have the experience of forgetting to be unlocked with keys, but intelligent door locks do not need physical keys, only some of the user's biological characteristics can be used to open the door.

    At present, common methods of smart door lock unlocking include fingerprint unlock, password unlock, mobile phone APP unlock, magnetic card unlock and so on. Among them, fingerprint unlocking and password unlocking have become the "standard" of intelligent door locks. Of course, there are some novel biometric authentication methods, but they are not widely used in intelligent door locks.

    Fingerprint unlocking: mature technology, capacitive fingerprint identification technology can distinguish false fingerprints

    Fingerprint unlocking can be said to be one of the most common authentication methods we see. Many people need fingerprint punching verification when they go to and from work. The optical fingerprint identification system is the most commonly used type of punching machine. This kind of authentication method is to identify fingerprints by ray reflection imaging, so we can see the light emitted on such devices.

    Optical fingerprint recognition has a long history, but it still has some problems, that is, the accuracy of fingerprint identification is insufficient and it can not distinguish whether it is a "true fingerprint". Because the fingerprint can only be judged by light reflection, if the fingerprint peeling and other problems make the fingerprint uneven, the accuracy will be reduced. At the same time, it can not determine whether the hand is authenticated or the reverse film is made on the basis of fingerprints.

    At present, some smart door lock brands begin to use capacitive sensing-based fingerprint identification technology in the authentication part of smart door lock. The authentication speed of this kind of identification method is no less than that of optical fingerprint identification, and the fingerprint will be detected to determine whether it is biomass. When using this intelligent door lock, false fingerprints can not be authenticated.

    In the fingerprint algorithm, the current brand of intelligent door lock is constantly updating its fingerprint recognition algorithm, trying to ensure that the fingerprint recognition of intelligent door lock is more accurate. In fact, if we use intelligent door lock to judge fingerprint too strictly, it may also lead to fingerprint identification more difficult, especially for the users with fingerprint peeling, the opening time of intelligent door lock will be improved, and the recognition rate and the brand of intelligent door lock need to be balanced. Overall, however, smart door locks have matured in fingerprint authentication.

    Password unlock: virtual password prevents peeping

    Password unlocking is also a basic "skill" of smart door lock. Like mobile phone and computer entering a series of passwords to unlock, smart door lock can also be unlocked directly by password. Unless you forget your password, password unlocking can be said to be a more accurate authentication method for intelligent door locks.

    Previously, overseas media also said that hackers applied a spray that could not be observed with the naked eye to the password dial of the smart door lock, and found the password through the movement of the master's finger when entering the password, but in fact it was very difficult to operate. There are also users who worry about whether it is easy to leak passwords if they are seen when entering passwords. In fact, the current smart door lock brand is also aware of this problem, and "virtual password" into the smart door lock products. When the password is re-entered, no matter what number is entered before the correct password, the lock can be unlocked only if there is a continuous and correct password in the middle, which also reduces the possibility of password leakage to a certain extent.

    Mobile phone unlock, Bluetooth unlock: slightly complicated operation

    Since smart is added to the name, smart door locks, like other smart devices, can be connected to mobile phones. In the exclusive APP in the mobile phone, we can also find the key to unlock. Another way of unlocking is to open the smart door lock through Bluetooth, which only needs to open the Bluetooth recognition function on the mobile phone to dock with the smart door lock.

    To be honest, although we are used to carrying mobile phones with us now, compared with fingerprint unlocking or password unlocking, the unlocking method based on mobile phone function is still somewhat cumbersome. For the transmission security of two unlocking modes, some brands have been encrypted more strictly, which can avoid being cracked by hackers to a certain extent. At the same time, products like mobile phones and keys also have the possibility of being stolen or accidentally lost. When you use these two ways to unlock, you can pay more attention.

    Other biometric unlocking methods: technology is not yet fully mature and reliability is insufficient

    At present, the intelligent door lock on the market not only has the basic functions of fingerprint identification and password unlocking, but also adds such unlocking methods as face recognition, even pupil recognition and voiceprint recognition. Although we have seen many ways of unlocking facial recognition on mobile phones today, facial recognition technology is still not fully developed, let alone applied to guard the door locks of family security.

    And some quite novel identification methods, technology has not yet developed mature, the application of intelligent door locks may not achieve the desired effect of consumers. On the contrary, fingerprint recognition and password recognition, which are more "traditional" means of unlocking, are more reliable.

    Generally speaking, at present, there are some mature technologies in the identification and authentication of intelligent door locks, and they have the strength to meet the needs of consumers for intelligent security.

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